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Richard Fleischhut

Kösslin 1881 -
Neukirchen 1951

Richard Fleischhut; born 1881 in Köslin, Pommerania; died 1951 in Neukirchen, Hesse. Fleischhut, who came to sea travel as a confectioner on the ship "Kronprinz Wilhelm" in 1905, was the ship's photographer for North German Lloyd from 1905 until 1939.
With his camera, he documented over 150 cruises and sea passages on almost all the large passenger steamers, whereby the luxurious ships of North German Lloyd were much more than simply a mode of transportation with their glamorous salons and sundecks. The crossinge were society events, with prominent travelers the order of the day.
In Fleischhut's repertoire are photographs of Marlene Dietrich, Buster Keaton, Richard Tauber, Max Schmeling, Sergej Rachmaninoff, Franklin Roosevelt, and many other famous personages. He also photographed the ships themselves and the seascape, as well as the landscapes and people at the different destinations.
He continually came closer to his various motifs by technical perfection and high artistic pretense, through which he dealt with the changing styles and innovative developments of the photographic medium in the early 20th century. Therefore his pictures of ship's architecture appear to be influenced by Bauhaus photography with his skillful perspectives and clean contours. His penchants for objectiveness and for puristic structuring are seemlessly integrated.

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